All tenders, requests for quotation, commissioning and grant funding exercises will require suppliers to submit a response to a Social Value Question, the following guidance is generic and intended to support all suppliers responding to questions.

Suppliers from various sectors can support the achievement of the social value objectives of the North Wales Police (NWP) & the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for North Wales (OPCC) through the delivery of contracts and partnership working.

The objectives  listd below can also be viewed in the Social Value Policy

Start to consider what your organisation does at present that fits within the objectives above. If it helps you can undertake a basic independent assessment of your organisation to evaluate how well positioned you are to start delivering Social Value.

The public sector is under increasing financial pressures as demand for services grows, so it is essential we consider social and community benefits when spending public money and explore: what is important to local people and communities when delivering services?; can we deliver services differently to create a positive impact; where can we support local businesses through public contracts? and what are the local challenges we face that could be better resolved by working together with local communities?

Your response to a Social Value question could increase the economic, social, environmental and cultural wellbeing of a local community but could also make the difference to you winning a contract, so please follow the supporting guidance below.

Suppliers can sometimes struggle to demonstrate how they can deliver Social Value when completing tender documents. Here are some pointers to help you submit your bid

Social Value Policy – Familiarise yourself with the North Wales Police & Crime Commissioner and North Wales Police Social Value Policy, to better understand our priorities and how you can align what you are currently doing with those priorities.
Social Value Charter – Familiarise yourself with the North Wales Police & Crime Commissioner and North Wales Police Social Value Charter, a voluntary and self-assessment charter for all tenders below £50,000.
• Supply Chain – if you work with other suppliers and sub-contractors to deliver your bid then find out if they can support you, they may already be delivering social value?
• Detail in the answer – remember if you are completing a response to a

PQQ (pre-qualification question) you will need to demonstrate past experiences ideally with some facts and figures of what you delivered.

ITT (invitation to tender) you will need to demonstrate how you will deliver the contract, so you may want to consider within your answer: how you will manage the delivery of social value; how you will engage with the client during delivery of the social value and how you will report on the social value outcomes delivered.

• Realistic – be realistic about what you can deliver as this will become a contractual commitment if you are successful.
* Remember any proposed Social Value offered is written into the contract as a key performance indicator and will be monitored to ensure the outcome(s) is delivered.



Further Advice & Training
To remain impartial the OPCC and NWP can offer no individual advice to suppliers, however further support, help and training is available from many independent bodies and you can register your interest for further support, details or to be signposted to help websites here.

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