The Social Value Wales Model is based on the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and the Well-being of Future Generations Act (Wales) 2015 and is based on the principals of BS8903 the British Standard for sustainable procurement all brought together to create a framework for delivering social value through commissioning and procurement activities.

The Social Value Wales model embraces the four key areas from both acts Social, Economic, Environmental and Cultural wellbeing make up our unique delivery model.  It is difficult to have  one set of outcomes that apply consistently to all contracts largely due to the value, nature and diversity of the wide range of goods and services Organisations commission and procure.

Social Value Wales recognises this and have developed a modulised delivery model giving organisations choice and direction by developing themes, opportunities and measures which are discussed individually on a client by client basis.

Social Value “Making it Happen”
Embedding Social Value into your business processes and making it a part of what you do can deliver real and tangible benefits to a Supplier, a Community and to a Commissioner.

We recognise that every Organisation will be at a different level with some further along their Social Value journey that others ….but we all have to start somewhere and what better way than to self-assess just how well you are doing when it comes to making social value a part of your business by taking our Social Value Wales Diagnostic Test (it only takes 10 to 15 minutes)

Our Social Value Wales Delivery Model is detailed below but to better understand where you are starting from take the self assessment test now

Its a 5 Step process
Step 1 – Diagnostic – We see how good you are at Delivering Social Value….Take the Test
Step 2 – Prioritise – We work with your key stakeholders to develop Social Outcomes
Step 3 – Embed – We embed Social Value into your Commissioning & Procurement process and up-skill your Buyers and the Suppliers
Step 4 – Measure – We have Social Value Reporting tools, techniques and systems
Step 5 – Funding – We give you this FREE if you sign up to the Cost Analytics scheme….that’s FREE too

The Cost Analytics is FREE and NO RISK


THE COST ANALYTICS PROCESS We process, analyse, recover and optimise your Third Party supplier spend

LOOKING BACK We analyse historic Invoice data and contracts to identify overpayments and contract errors

LOOKING FORWARD We utilise the power of data management along with the intelligence of spend analysis to optimise profitability and performance

RECOMMENDATIONS = process improvements and elimination of future errors

Recovery results in (on average) a return of 1% of your Invoice Spend

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